Best of Monterey Bay® Visitors Guide

Your visit means a lot to us, especially those of us who live, work and own businesses in Big Sur. Make sure you check out the less crowded scenic pullouts as you head to Big Sur Valley. Treat yourself at our shops and restaurants. And most of all, don’t forget to take it slow, smell the ocean air, and take in the beauty and wonder of this special place. That is what Big Sur is about. And there is one more thing you should do before you head down the road. Take and activate the Big Sur Pledge by: • Sharing our coastal roads in a safe manner. • Being mindful of the impact of your actions. • Protecting and respecting Big Sur’s natural resources, public and private property, residents, employees, and visitors. • Leaving no trace and not damaging or take what is not yours. • Camping only where allowed. • Being vigilant and fire safe. • Being a steward of this precious resource for the enjoyment of all. • And honoring the spirit of Big Sur as it honors you. “Our community can design innovative solutions to ensure that tourism benefits businesses, visitors, residents and our fragile coastline.” Butch Kronlund, ED, Community Association of Big Sur The challenge is not to stop tourism. The challenge is how o we get it right.” Costas Christ, Beyond Green Travel, Big Sur DSP Consultant Donate through McGives & help Big Sur complete and implement a sustainable tourism plan. Join Monterey County Board of Supervisors, MCCVB, Big Sur businesses, and concerned residents to protect our coastal community and its natural resources for generations to come. Photo by Kodiak Greenwood HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR ROAD TRIP TO THE BIG SUR COAST! Join the Community Association of Big Sur (CABS) in protecting and defending the wild and rural character of Big Sur for generations to come by taking the Big Sur Pledge.